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TT Wi-Fi is an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to provide Wi-Fi access to the public. It is part of government’s vision to provide Wi-Fi at no cost and easy access to broadband internet in public spaces.

TTWifi is your platform to innovation, knowledge, and engagement.

TTWiFi aims to increase access to and utilisation of the Internet by all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and help to bridge the digital divide.

Currently, TTWiFi is available at some of our national libraries, our main transport hubs and schools.

Look for the “TTWifi available here” signs to connect and use. It’s that simple!


TTWiFi is now available at the locations below:

  • City Gate PTSC Terminal
  • San Fernando PTSC Terminal
  • Chaguanas PTSC Terminal
  • Sangre Grande PTSC Terminal
  • Pt Fortin PTSC Terminal
  • Port of Spain Water Taxi Terminal
  • San Fernando Water Taxi Terminal
  • Scarborough Ferry Terminal
  • Port of Spain Ferry Terminal
  • PTSC Bus Terminal Curepe
  • Point Fortin Hub
  • PTSC South Quay, Port of Spain
  • PTSC Bus Terminal Building, San Fernando
  • Sangre Grande Hub
  • Trinidad & Tobago Inter-island Transportation Company
  • Arima Bus Terminal
  • Priority Mall Bus Stop, Tunapuna (Renovating)
  • Trinidad & Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd. – passenger waiting area
  • Tunapuna Library
  • Arima Library
  • Mayaro Library
  • Siparia Library
  • Couva Library
  • Moruga Library
  • Pt Fortin Library
  • Rio Claro Library
  • Sangre Grande Library
  • San Fernando Carnegie Library
  • Chaguanas Library
  • Maloney Library
  • Charlotteville Library
  • Roxborough Library
  • Scarborough Library
  • Port of Spain Library
  • Carnegie Free Library
  • Mt. Hope/Mt. Lambert Community Library
  • Beetham Community Library
  • Barataria Community Library
  • Debe Public Library
  • Princes Town Public Library
  • St. Helena Public Library
  • St. James Public Library
  • Brothers Road Presbyterian
  • Chatham Government
  • Eckel Village AC
  • Fishing Pond Presbyterian
  • Inverness Presbyterian
  • La Veronica RC
  • Matura Government
  • Morne Diable RC
  • North Oropuche RC
  • Penal Quinam Government
  • Ramia Trace Hindu School
  • Reform Presbyterian
  • Santa Flora Government
  • Siparia Boys RC
  • Tortuga Government
  • Upper Cumuto Government
  • Bamboo Grove Presbyterian
  • Caratal RC
  • Cumuto Presbyterian
  • Enterprise Government
  • Exchange Pres
  • Sangre Grande SDA
  • Seereeram Memorial Vedic
  • St Paul AC
  • St Phillip’s Government
  • Aripo RC
  • Basse Terre R.C. Primary School
  • Cumaca R.C.
  • Cunjal Government Primary School
  • Guaracara Hindu School
  • Guayaguayare R.C.
  • Hardbargain Government
  • Hardbargain R.C.
  • Kanhai Presbyterian
  • Penal Rock (Kubairsingh) Hindu
  • L’Anse Noire Moravian
  • La Veronica R.C.
  • Marabella Girls’ Primary Anglican (inclusive of Marabella Boys’ AC)
  • Marac Baptist
  • Matelot Community School
  • Monkey Town Government
  • Moruga R.C. St Rita’s
  • Princes town Presbyterian No.2 Primary School (Inclusive of Princes town Presbyterian No.1)
  • Seereeram Memorial Vedic School
  • La Divina Pastora, Siparia Boys R.C. School
  • Southern Central AC
  • St. Mary’s Government Primary School
  • Tabaquite Presbyterian
  • Tableland Anglican Primary School
  • Jubilee Presbyterian
  • Moruga Health Centre
  • Cedros Health Centre
  • Granville Health Centre
  • Delaford Health Centre
  • Rio Claro Health Centre
  • Flanagin Town Health Centre
  • Brothers Road Health Centre
  • Moriah Health Centre
  • Pembroke Health Centre
  • Chaguanas District Health Facility & Chaguanas Health Centre
  • Canaan Health Centre
  • Sangre Grande Enhanced Health Centre
  • Santa Cruz Health Centre
  • El Socorro Health Centre
  • St. Helena Health Centre
  • Upper Laventille Health Centre
  • Mayaro District Health Facility
  • Pleasantville Health Centre
  • Todd’s Road Health Centre
  • Siparia District Health Facility
  • Icacos Health Centre
  • Palo Seco Health Centre
  • Guayaguayare Outreach Health Centre
  • Maracas, St. Joseph Health Centre
  • Chatham Health Centre

Look out for more locations soon!

Click on the location markers to get more info the specific services offering TTWiFi access.

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